Line Cross With MA

In addition to the indicators included in the software, the NNFX Algo Tester allows you to use any other indicator of your choice. If your indicator is a line and you wish to add a moving average, select the *LINE CROSS WITH MA* option from the C1, C2, Volume, Exit, NEWS or EVZ indicator drop-down menu in the “Indicators” section of the tester and add your parameters.

Note 1: You should only use this option when the indicator you want to use does not include an MA and requires you to add it manually. If the MA is already included in the indicator then use the Two Lines Cross option.

Note 2: To add an MA manually, drag the "Moving Average" indicator included in MT4 onto your line indicator and select the "First Indicator's Data" option in the "Apply to" dropdown menu of the Parameters tab.

 Indicator examples for the Line Cross With MA option:
The requirement to use this option is that the indicator produces a signal when the indicator signal element crosses the chosen Moving Average. This can be a line, bars, symbols, etc., and can have one or more colors. It can be placed on the price chart or in its own window.

Some examples: