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The developer is always very helpful, answer your questions with racing speed, the Discord group is very good to get feedback and talk to others that are also trying to make their algorithm work for them. The software is constantly coming out with new updates too. You can genuinely feel that the team cares about his customers.


Boris Djurasevic

Even though i wasn't successful in making an algorithm i still rate you a full five stars because i saw how helpful your tester is and that my flaws were ones that screwd me up. On the other side i was constantly checking your tester i kid you not did not find a single mistake. Keep up the good work.



There is full time help if there are any questions from The developer. This is worth understanding so you can easily test indicators to create edge and save time using automation when you have built a system. I would recommend this to anyone and is a small fee for the tool compared to most others I seen. Very trustworthy business the developer has created. 

 Ontario, Canada


I loved the NNFX Algo Tester. It is a great tool to develop and test NNFX algos. It can save weeks of manual testing. Support from the developer is absolutely great as well. I got stuck with some indicator settings and the developer got back to me pretty quickly with possible solutions.
Great software and great support. All the best NNFX Algo Team.

 Sydney, Australia


The NNFX Algo Tester is a must for everyone who wants to build it's own NNFX Algo. The multiple features available for testing and for adapting on everyone's Algo build view, the clear way of programming it, the fast and professional support from the developer and the team makes it the best anyone could ask for. For me personally, the NNFX Algo Tester has shorten my Algo build with several months time of manual back-tests, so I highly recommend it!



I naturally spent the first for few weeks reading the material provided on the website and learning to understand what the EA was doing, before I messed with building an algo. Time well spent! Now with algo building i'm flying through them, this just widens our horizons and gives us more things to test in a shorter space, freeing up my time. Visual mode is essential to review what you've created and make sure you understand it as a trader. Support from the creator is second to none, he's even helped me when I've had tech problems outside of the EA just to make sure i get back on track. This is easily the most efficient and accurate tool i've used, and for the price it's a no brainer, constant updates and added features for life, my best purchase yet! Thanks so much 

 Boston, United Kingdom

Matt Donlan

The NNFX Algo Tester is an invaluable tool which has allowed me to backtest indicators and algo strategies in a fraction of the time that manual testing was taking. I am now backtesting much larger sample sizes of 10 plus years, which has shown me the limitations of only backtesting a 3 to 5 year period. I purchased the original version when it was first released and the developer has continued to improve the EA, adding additional functionality regularly, so what’s already an amazing product, is only likely to get better over time. Best part, all updates are included.
Customer service is outstanding, when updates were no longer available on MQL5, the developer sorted me out in a flash. Value for money, there is no better product on the market currently.

  South Africa


Great piece of software, if you are an NNFX trader and you use MT4 this is a must-have.
This Expert Advisor comes with every NNFX rule (News avoidance, over-exposure protection, EVZ rules, one-candle rule, etc) and it lets you backtest and forward-test every component of the NNFX strategy in a fraction of the time when compared with manual backtesting. I am aware that this software had some issues in the past, but the developer has corrected all those issues very meticulously, and now it is a very precise and reliable tool. Also, the developer is very diligent with his customer support, every time that I submit a question or a concern, he replies as soon as possible every time, and I can’t really complain. The software is always been updated with new features and if there is any known bug, the developer makes sure that it is taken care of immediately. If you are not sure about buying it, you can test it for free, I warranty you that after you test it, you will buy it for sure, the same thing happened to me.  

 Georgia, USA

Matt Donlan

As many have already said, this software is a must. It covers every aspect of NNFX and allows for so many combinations of rules to see exactly which ones are having positive or negative affects on your trading. The back testing is really quick, a few seconds per indicator. There are plenty of built in indicators, plus you can bring an any that you want, with NO CODING. This is huge for me as I am not a coder. They have created the perfect balance between strict rules and flexibility in applying them. I thought I understood the NNFX way until I started with NNFX Algo Tester. Now I realize that most of my mistakes had nothing to do with the software and everything to do with me not fully understanding how NNFX works. Now I do and I'm focused on building solid algos. Support is amazing through Discord. The developer is always there to help, and if he's busy, the rest of us help out wit our experiences. Truly a great piece of software and a great community.

 Las Vegas, USA

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