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Desmond Woo

One of the best algo testing applications out there. Simplifies so much work it takes to code the system by yourself, and there is some flexibility to trade systems that are not the NNFX way. Also, there are constant updates available, so any bugs will be fixed easily. But the best part of this product is the after sales service. I have bought this product back in 2019, and as of 2022, I have frequently submitted tickets for enquiries ranging from how to use custom indicators, asking about certain functionalities, and even submitting my own coded indicator for Rui to check if there is any problem. Each of these times, he replies with useful information, and he genuinely tries to help in any way that he can, even if the problem I have has nothing to do with the tester. Out of all the products i bought (not just trading), this is one of the best after sales service I have ever gotten. Thank you so much and I hope this more people will support Rui by purchasing the NNFX Algo Tester! 



The Algo tester allows you to save thousands of hours of manual work. It is an incredible tool. Lot's of options to make it possible to test any of your idea. Love it. Well worth the money. 


Michael Fisher

This tester went well beyond my already high expectations from the demo version. It's truly priceless if you understand the importance of time. I designed an EXTENSIVE and robust Algorithm in about 4 months, which would have taken me decades by hand. There is a Discord that helped a lot in build decisions, and even helped reveal potential weaknesses in VP's although groundbreaking, sometimes vague and spotty blueprints. You may believe that "taking shortcuts," is not the way to go. If you are, that is respectable, but you should realize the probability of success you have as a trader. In high level financial institutions, there was found to be less than .1% correlation with individuals and repeated returns. These were high intelligence individuals with several degrees in math, finance and science. Given the low likelihood success, why not give yourself every possible advantage? God Speed! 

 United States


This software is incredibly useful and efficient, and the support is amazing and very fast/helpful. I strongly recommend anyone interested in the NNFX strategy to give this system a go, and I would advise to check their discord which has very useful resources and guides. However, it is important to note that you will need to do some reading on optimization, curve fitting, EA's and the like to be successful with this program, simply running it to find the best outcome won't cut it. If you're interested in getting this program, do some reading up and try out the demo version to get a good feel of what you have to do. If you are unsure whether this is any better than manual testing, I would say there is no comparison. With this tester you can do a month's worth of manual backtesting in a matter of minutes. If you are going with NNFX strategy, this system is definitely the way to go, and Mr Silva will always be ready to help with any issues you may have. 



I would definitely recommend this software for all NNFX Traders. It has helped me to find my algorithm much quicker. Support from Rui is absolutely fantastic. I got stuck with an error from one indicator and I got immediate response from Rui. Great software and great support. 



I am very happy with my purchase. The turnaround time for answering queries is very fast and efficient. Whether you are a complete novice to back-testing or a professional, the support provided by Rui is top notch. 

 United Kingdom


The NNFX Algo Tester is a must for everyone who wants to build it's own NNFX Algo. The multiple features available for testing and for adapting on everyone's Algo build view, the clear way of programming it, the fast and professional support from Rui and the team makes it the best anyone could ask for. For me personally, the NNFX Algo Tester has shorten my Algo build with several months time of manual back-tests, so I highly recommend it! 


Satpreet Singh

This software is truly amazing. It's helped me backtest quicker and utilise alot of time effectively. Rui has created a great piece of software. Additionally, as you can imagine, you would have alot of questions to really understand this further. Rui not only provides most of the software related information on the website but his customer service is unmatched too. He has helped me countless times with detailed responses and his responses not taking more than a day which helps. If you are looking for some software that aids in backtesting, great optimization, and delivers accurate results, look no further. This is the place to be! Ps - Work smart not hard ;) Sat 

 United Kingdom

Aneek Mollah

An excellent must have product for any NNFX algo tester, a huge time saver, has great options and variations to chose from. Very fast response from (Rui) developer. An awesome set of included indicators, and the latest updates are very handy. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. 



I naturally spent the first for few weeks reading the material provided on the website and learning to understand what the EA was doing, before I messed with building an algo. Time well spent! Now with algo building i'm flying through them, this just widens our horizons and gives us more things to test in a shorter space, freeing up my time. Visual mode is essential to review what you've created and make sure you understand it as a trader. Support from the creator is second to none, he's even helped me when I've had tech problems outside of the EA just to make sure i get back on track. This is easily the most efficient and accurate tool i've used, and for the price it's a no brainer, constant updates and added features for life, my best purchase yet! Thanks so much 

 United Kingdom


I don`t know where to start coz usually i don`t do review but this tool is`t just beyond good it`s brilliant and so simple to use. this algo tester and tech support will change your game almost immediately. Rui guy is the top man straight on point dont mess about huge respect to the guy. over roll score 11 out of 10 i really really recommend this algo tester worth every penny and more. 

 United Kingdom


The attention to detail that was put into the algorithm tester is really impressive. Learning how to use the software has saved me enormous amounts of time in my backtesting. Backtesting that would take me 2 days was accomplished in under 2 hours. And Rui is pretty quick to email back, which makes the experience of purchasing this product that much more worthwhile. I would highly recommend this to traders who trade the NNFX way. 



I used to have to automate everything myself so when I finally understood that I can just use this software to do all of that for me - it was a no brainer. At first I was skeptical bc when I first downloaded it, I was very intimidated by all the inputs. But once I went through all the documentation, it's been a piece of cake and huge time saver. Honestly feel like this software is worth way more than 100$. This software makes manual backtesting obsolete. 

 United States


Trying to backtest NNFX WITHOUT this product would be like building a football team from pre-schoolers... You could get there, but it will take you 20 years... Why do it ? This product makes every single test consistent and measurable, making life very easy and is worth every penny paid... If you are looking at forex trading and not willing to pay the small cost for this EA, then you really shouldn't be trading.. The discord channel is full of great information, and Rui is always accessible and willing to help which is a great comfort. 



There is full time help if there are any questions from Rui. The algo is worth understanding so you can easily test indicators and save time using automation. 



Let me start off by saying, I rarely write reviews for anything. Those who know me would not imagine me spending my time writing out a long, elaborate, and well-thought-out review for something. I'm a very cynical person, and I am extremely quick to judge when I think something is BS. That being said... This tool is the single most important thing I've purchased in years. If you follow the NNFX Method, which is probably why most of you have arrived here, then you will understand how time-consuming and grueling it can be to manually test each and every setting on each and every indicator. Regardless, that's what we signed up for so we did it anyway. No more. This tool will reduce your time spent testing by a factor of 20. I am so incredibly happy with this product. Those who I've spoken to agree that the NNFX Algo Tester could easily be worth 10x the amount it is currently being sold for. If you are reluctant to purchase for any reason, you are doing yourself a pretty extreme disservice. At first, I was intimidated by the look of it. "Can I really learn this?" "Does this even work?" I purchased this last night and have already learned exactly what I need to know. After a certain point it becomes intuitive and your logic will take over. From last night (the time of purchase) to today, I have done about two weeks worth of testing and have already found an indicator that tests for above 60% across all 36 available pairs. This NNFX Algo Tester is perfect for those who have other projects, jobs, or responsibilities, and time is not an unlimited resource. To: Rui Silva, I am very impressed with what you have created and I sincerely hope that you are successful in every aspect of your life. You have my deepest gratitude. 

 United States


The NNFX Algo Tester is an invaluable tool which has allowed me to backtest indicators and algo strategies in a fraction of the time that manual testing was taking. I am now backtesting much larger sample sizes of 10 plus years, which has shown me the limitations of only backtesting a 3 to 5 year period. I purchased the original version when it was first released and Rui has continued to improve the EA, adding additional functionality regularly, so what’s already an amazing product, is only likely to get better over time. Best part, all updates are included. Customer service is outstanding, when updates were no longer available on MQL5, Rui sorted me out in a flash. Value for money, there is no better product on the market currently. 

 South Africa


Thank you so much for this incredible software. It will literally shave many weeks (if not months) off the search for my algo. It is obvious that a lot of thought and work went into producing this software. I'm not the most computer-savvy person, so I was initially hesitant to purchase this program. I was content to sit back and test the old fashion way. But the NNFX Algo Tester will carry the load for me and it is not difficult to learn. And the creator, Rul, is a really good guy. I've asked him several questions, and he has always been prompt and courteous in his responses. I highly highly recommend this software. You will not be disappointed. 



NNFX Algo Tester is an absolute "must have" if you are an NNFX trader. It will save you years in the development of your algorithm. It allows you to test multiple combinations of indicators and variables in a matter of minutes. I can't recommend this addition enough. This Expert Advisor is an absolute necessity. I honestly can't imagine where I would be without it. 


Chris N

This tool is fantastic. If you are capable of understanding data and how to optimize results this is a no brainier. You can do months worth of work in a matter of hours. The support you receive after purchasing the software is also fantastic. Well done Rui! 

 United Kingdom


This tool is a real game changer, it helps to save a lot of time for the backtesting. Further, the customer care is the top point, being Rui always availble to reply to all your doubts. Absolutely recommended! 



Great software. It takes a little bit to learn how to use. At least it did for me. It did in 20 minutes what it took me 1 week to do. I always recommend you manual backtest a 6-12 month period then compare the results to the tester just to verify that your settings are accurate. Definitely the fast track to live trading or OPM trading. 

 United States


Awesome tool! It makes it feasible to boost your testing productivity big time. Money well spent if you want to utilize your time more efficiently, and increase your testing capacity. Another big plus is the support from Rui, which is outstanding in any inquiry that may arise. 



An excellent tool for those familiar with the NNFX way of trading. It also comes with an easy to understand instruction manual. If you have any issues or questions that aren't answered in the help section, Rui is awesome to deal with and usually has answered within 24 hours. 



If you follow the NNFX way this thing is a must. Of course you can sit there and backtest by hand for hours on one pair, or you can use this to cut it down to minutes to run multiple setups. Try out the demo. You can quickly see the potential. Also very good instructions on how to use and quick support if you run in to issues. 

 United States


Great tool! I saved hundreds of hours on back-testing. I recommend everyone to buy the pro-tool . 

 South Africa


When I first saw the Tester I know how much time it would save for back-testing indicators and algorithms. Some aspects of the Tester I value the most is the ability to optimize indicator settings, use your own custom indicators and create detailed performance reports. I would definitely recommend it to any trader looking to trade the NNFX way. 



I've been utilizing Rui's NNFX Algo Tester for almost 2 months and there's never one time I regretted purchasing it, it just worth every penny. I am very thankful for Rui's effort in creating this EA, he's constantly improving this EA through regular updates. Aside from the functionality of this algo which is wonderful, the support you get from Rui worth more than anything. I've ping him multiple times and he'll definitely answer within few hours. This EA has saved me days or in fact months of back testing. 



Possibly the best purchase I've ever made. Literally would have taken me years to manually test the same number of indicators and algorithms as I've tested with the NNFX Algo Tester. Well worth the price and will more than pay itself back in pips and the time it'll save you. Plus the developer is frequently making updates and is super helpful and responsive. Would give another star if I could. 

 United Kingdom


The NNFX Algo Tester is the real deal. It makes backtesting a breeze and the manual is intuitive. And it just keeps getting better with every update. It has so many different options and allows you to test so many diiferent ways. I think the price is a bargain. 

 United States


This is an amazing EA for anyone that is trading the NNFX way. It has saved me years of time on backtesting. Support is very quick to answer any questions that I might have. This is perfect in every way! If I could give this 6 stars then I would. 

 United States

Saffer Boy

I have held off reviewing this for a while to put it through its paces. I have now run hundreds of Indicator and Algo tests over three years of data. Before, doing this manually was taking me f.o.r.e.v.e.r, especially since I work full time and could only work in the evenings. I can actually now run tests on the side while I work without it impacting my productivity (just change the currency, hit run, record results and repeat). This testing tool has put me months/maybe years ahead. And the developer is really responsive and has compiled a very comprehensive manual. Great support. Thanks Rui. 

 South Africa

Anz FX Guides

This tool is incredible! But, the support that you get with it worth more than anything. Dev is constantly listening to feedback, adding features, and genuinely cares about helping you get up and running with this EA. Where as a lot of projects get abandoned shortly after creation, this is something that keeps on moving forward. This EA has save me DAYS worth of testing time. Try the demo, learn the software, and buy a copy to support the dev if you want to dig deeper. 

 United States

Robe Principe

The NNFX Algo Tester is very good!!! The most difficult part of the NNFX is the Backtesting. Time is saved here, worth it! Now I can improve my trading strategy efficiently. GO GET IT! 



Amazing tool, building algo is faster and much easier ! Now do the work and get it Thanks Rui and congratulations for your work 


Mr Whacker

If VP gaves us the method, rpsreal has given us the peferct tool. This EA is a must for any NNFX trader. The possibilities of backtesting are endless. Absolutely amazing EA to build your ALGO .Brilliant. Thanks 

 United Kingdom


Awesome product - it has saved me hours in back-testing combinations of indicators for my NNFX Algo. The design is well thought through and the documentation is comprehensive. Best of all the developer is very responsive to support requests and queries and is constantly looking to improve the product via updates. Great work! 

 United Kingdom

Darren Waldron

The tester is a great tool to help build your algorithms; it saves me so much time and gives your precise results each time. The support is impressive, Rui has always replied very fast with clear and helpful instructions no matter what the question or problem is. Very much appreciated and enjoy using the tester. 


Pierre Basson

Been using the NNFX Algo Tester for the last month and I am impressed with this tool. Still learning its intricacies, but get good testing results from it. Customer Service is really responsive and the manual is a great boon to understanding how it all works together. 

 United States