Update your .set file(s)

How to use this tool?

If you have updated your NNFX Algo Tester to a new version and wish to reuse your Set files, use this tool to make them compatible with the version you are now using.
If you are switching from backtesting to forward testing or live trading and wish to reuse your backtesting Set files in real time, use this tool to convert them.

1- Upload the Set file(s) you want to convert (version 15.68 onward). You can upload more than on file at a time.
2- Select the NNFX Algo Tester version that you are now using.
3- Select which type of Set file output you want for the converted file(s). You can convert any Set file to work in either backtesting or live trading. Backtesting Set files can be converted to live trading, and vice versa.
4- Click on the Convert button.

Note: During conversion, some unused settings are removed and others added. The default values are always used for added settings.

Tip: You can select multiple files for conversion as a batch (max: 100 files).