What´s New?


Version 17.62

Fixed bug affecting the overexposure system when the FULL ALGO operation mode was selected.
You can now apply the Overexposure management System on all instruments on your MT4. To do this, you must include the instruments you want to trade, and apply the system, to the NNFX Algo Tester Folder/user/MT4 ID/market_watch_prices.csv file (prices values are optional).
You can also apply several different Overexposure systems to different groups of instruments in addition to treating several instruments in the same way. To do this, use the REPLACE SYMBOLS CURRENCIES parameter.
Error "LOGIN NOT DETETED" fixed. However, to keep the software activated for long periods of time, you must restart the NNFX Algo Tester at least once a month (to restart, simply open the NNFX Algo Tester settings and click Ok).
Fixed bug affecting the EVZ indicator.
Other minor fixes.


Version 17.61

Added two more options in the Overexposure Management section. You can apply the system only to orders that do not have Stop Loss at Break Even or with Trailing SL active. In other words, orders with zero risk. You can enable that by selecting the APPLY SYSTEM TO = "ENTRIES NOT AT BE/TS" or "NNFX ALGO TESTER ENTRIES NOT AT BE/TS" options.


Version 17.60

Added Overexposure Management section in the NNFX Algo Tester. Now you can avoid overexposure in live trading/forward testing by choosing between 4 different systems.
Added R7(USE VOLUME IN CONTINUATION ENTRY) option. Now you can use the Volume Indicator in Continuation Entries by activating the R7 rule.
It is possible to use the Continuation indicator from now on by activating the CONTINUATION EXIT? option.
The log is now more explicit and easier to read. Information about the state of the algorithm is shown in Visual Mode in a cleaner way. Place the mouse over the symbols under the candles to quickly find out why an entry was or was not validated.
Other minor fixes.


Version 17.45

Added visual improvements to the Backtester Panel. Now you can see the result of all the 6 OnTesters directly on the panel at the end of the backtest, in addition to the number of Entries and Orders.
Added Live Notifications (for Ultimate Users). Now the NNFX Algo Trader can alert you whenever it place a entry on the market. You will also be alerted immediately if there is a problem with the execution so that you can take action. You can configure simple MT4 Alerts, or Notifications by Email, MQL5 or Telegram.
NNFX Algo Tester inputs reorganization.
Other minor improvements and fixes.


Version 17.40

Backtesting is now up to 20% faster including in optimizations.
Fixed an issue that affected how SINGLE LOGIN mode works.
Several other minor improvements and fixes.


Version 17.35

The NNFX Algo Trader will keep the panel position even if you change the chart timeframe or symbol.
Graphic objects related to orders opened by the NNFX Algo Trader will now remain on the chart instead of being deleted. This is especially useful if you use the same chart and switch symbols while you trade. The NNFX Algo Trader will only display graphic objects related to the symbol when you select one of the "AUTOSTART NNFX ALGO TRADER" options (except the DISABLE option).
When the NEWS EXIT option was activated, and the NNFX NEWS indicator selected, the exit signal happened only after the event date and not before. This occurred in Sell entries and has been fixed in this release.
Added improvements related to placing multiple orders in the market at the same time.


Version 17.33

Logo update.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 17.32

Added "NET PROFIT (PIPS)" option to ONTESTERS. Now you can easily know the total pips earned during backtesting.
The popup warning to update the software has been removed and replaced with a highlighted message in the Login Panel.
Screenshots were taken at entry even if they were turned off. This was fixed.
Other minor fixes.


Version 17.30

The NNFX Algo Tester will now automatically adapt to more instruments in the MT4, including crypto and indexes. You can still use the PIP VALUE MULTIPLIER and PIPS MULTIPLIER parameters in specific cases, if necessary.
It is now possible to use live prices for calculations (enable by default), instead of average prices for the last 3 years, allowing for a more accurate lots and risk calculation.
You can now configure the NNFX Algo Tester to take screenshots of each entry (in backtesting or in live trading), keeping a trading journal is now simpler.
Adjusting the font size of panels is now possible using the FONT SIZE MULTIPLIER parameter.
The NNFX NEWS indicator includes a new parameter NEWS TIME SHIFT that allows you to adjust the timing of events according to your broker time.
You can now use the baseline indicator inversely "reverse baseline". To do this, put the "-" sign before the buffer (CUSTOM BASELINE option).
Tags were introduced for the name of the report and screenshots. You can use: [MODE], [MODEL], [TIME], [DATE], [SYMBOL], and [PERIOD].
Bug fix that affected EVZ and NEWS auto-update.
You can now easily disable the Safety Limits by setting the value 0 in the parameters.
The MARGIN CHECK is now disabled by default. And by default the ALLOWED TRADING TIME PERIOD is 1 minute instead of 5 minutes.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 17.25

Considerable improvements in the NNFX Algo Trader (the new Live Trading module). The NNFX Algo Trader is now much more flexible and can be used just like a true trading assistant. Now you can change your algorithm settings without having to restart the software. You can also change chart timeframe or the instrument that you are trading and the NNFX Algo Trader will adapt automatically.
The NNFX Algo Trader will also be able to identify trades opened by the software even if the MT4 has been restarted or if you are using another MT4, thus being able to manage orders without the NNFX Algo Trader being active 24 hours a day.
Added VPS MODE. A simpler and lighter live trading mode designed to spend as few resources as possible, ideal for getting your algorithm up and running 24x7 on a VPS automatically.
Added PIPS MULTIPLIER and PIP VALUE MULTIPLIER. Now you can change the calculation scale if necessary. This may be necessary on some instruments outside the Forex Market, such as criptocurrencies on some specific brokers.
The NNFX Algo Tester will be able to detect One Candle/Pullback Entries on the first candle.
In certain cases TP2 Hits were not being counted in the final report, this is resolved now.
Events after 2022 were not showing in the NNFX NEWS, this has been resolved (this issue did not affect the NNFX EVZ)
The default value of the MAX SPREAD was changed from 10 to 30 pips, to avoid problems with trading instruments outside the Forex market.
Several other minor improvements and fixes.


Version 17.00

Introducing the NNFX Algo Trader. You can now use the NNFX Algo Tester software on Forward Testing and Live Trading. 
The trading assintant panel allows you to control the algorithm operation in real time. See the status of each indicator and rules directly in the panel. You can also change some of your algorithm settings or trade manually.
Configure the NNFX Algo Trader to trade for you automatically, or to manage your open entries only.
A MARGIN CHECK option means you can manually choose how to calculate free margin during trading.
Other minor improvements.


Version 16.55

Added two more Indicators slots, NEWS and EVZ.
NEWS and EVZ data and be downloaded directly from the Login Panel (Resources tab).
Ability to test indicators on several different time frames in one algorithm (Multi TimeFrame 
Analysis) by checking the Time Frame parameter.
Now possible to conduct a fully manual backtest by selecting the NONE option in all indicators (only available if the Backtester Panel is enabled).
Added USE EXIT INDICATOR AS DIRECTIONAL option, enabling the Exit Indicator to be used without the exit signal being specific for sell/buy entry.
"Test Model" has been renamed to "Operation Model". And "Test Mode" has been renamed to "Operation Mode".
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 16.21

Fixed problem in the ONE LEVEL CROSS option.
The ONE LEVEL CROSS operation has returned to the "normal" mode, that is, the same way it worked on the 16.17 and earlier versions. The ONE LEVEL CROSS operation mode change, included in the 16.20 version, will be transferred to the TWO LEVEL CROSS option.
How does the ONE LEVEL CROSS option work now?
In the same way that it worked in the 16.17 version. A signal will be created whenever the line crosses the level. If the line is over the level and diverges upwards or downwards it will create a Buy or Sell signal, respectively.
What changed in the TWO LEVEL CROSS option?
A new feature has been added in this option. If you select the same value for level 1 and level 2, the signal will only be produced if the line effectively crosses the indicated level. So, no signal will be created if the line touches the chosen level and returns. The operation will remain the same if you select a different value for level 1 and level 2.
Why is this change necessary?
This modification allows the use of indicators that have a neutral level, and not an interval between two levels. If you want to use an indicator that has a neutral level (for example, line over level 0 indicates "no signal", or "no trade" or "no volume"), you can use the TWO LEVEL CROSS option by selecting the same value for level 1 and level 2.


Version 16.20

After many requests, the default operation of the SL TO BE will revert to the previous mode, that is, the SL will be moved to BE as soon as the TP1 is reached (it is not necessary to exceed and close above that value). However, it is still possible to use the ATR MULTIPLIER TO ACTIVATE SL TO BE to choose exactly where the SL TO BE should be activated and to allow a fully independent operation of the TP1. To move the SL to BE as soon as the TP1 is reached, just set the option ATR MULTIPLIER TO ACTIVATE SL TO BE = 0.

Introduction of LOGIN TYPE parameter allowing the operation of NNFX Algo Tester in several MT4s using only one Login Panel. You can now use Configuration at Startup with the NNFX Algo Tester using the SINGLE LOGIN option. To use the SINGLE LOGIN option, you must have two, or more, MT4s installed on the computer; one will be used for the Login Panel and the others to perform the backtests. It is possible to have up to 10 different MT4s running on the same computer with only one Login Panel (each NNFX Algo Tester must have its own MT4 ID). Note that before starting the Login panel you must choose the 
SINGLE LOGIN option in the Login Panel options too.
It is now possible to ignore an entry if the targets are not in accordance with the NNFX strategy. This can happen if your broker does not allow the value calculated by the NNFX Algo Tester. To ignore the entry in this case, simply set the safety limits to 0. Entries with the targets below the limits imposed by the broker will produce the warning 821 or 822.
From now on, to generate a signal with the ONE LEVEL CROSS option, it is necessary for the line to go beyond the level and not just reach the level.
Fixed bug that affected the optimization of levels and MAs in indicators included in the software, making the backtest slower. Custom indicators are not affected by this.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 16.17

The Damiani version included in the software (Damiani_Volatmeter_v3.2_Alerts.ex4) has been replaced by another, non-repainting and more stable, Damiani version (damiani_volatmeter2.ex4). You can continue to use the previous version using the HISTOGRAM/COLOR option.
Passes with errors and warnings are now included in the exported report.
Fixed bug that affected the passes count in the exported report.
Other minor fixes.


Version 16.16

ATTENTION - CHANGE IN OPERATION: From now on, the SL is placed in BE as soon as the price reaches the ATR MULTIPLIER TO ACTIVATE SL TO BE and not when the first order is closed. This means that the price has to exceed the ATR MULTIPLIER TO ACTIVATE SL TO BE value for the SL to be moved to Break Even. This allows for greater flexibility and the operation is equivalent in the Every Tick model but can lead to small changes in the Open Price Only model in very specific situations.
The Reports and Set files folders are now common to all MT4s installed on the same computer and can be accessed from the Login Panel by clicking the Open Folder button (MT4 common folder/files/NNFX Algo Tester/).

The second order is now totally independent of the first order. You can choose different targets for each order (TP1, SL1, TP2 and SL2).
You can now choose when the SL2 is moved to Break Even (ATR MULTIPLIER TO ACTIVATE SL TO BE).
NFA/FIFO COMPLIANT option added.
A Login Panel has been added. You can now use the software without an internet connection after logging in.
Performance improved, the backtest is now faster.
The Backtest Panel will adapt to your screen resolution.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 15.75

ATTENTION - CHANGE IN OPERATION: Now the VZO, TDFI and VQZL indicators included in the software if placed as Volume indicator will function as "Trade/No Trade zone", in the same way as the TWO LEVEL CROSS option. If you want to use these indicators as "Buy/Sell agree", just activate the USE VOLUME AS C3 option.
The TDFI and VQZL indicators included in the software now require an indication of the levels to be used in the backtest.

Using a configuration from an earlier version will produce an error (925) to avoid inaccurate results.
The Backtest Panel is now more stable.
Several minor fixes. 


Version 15.71

Fixed bug that affected the TWO LEVEL CROSS option.
Minor other fixes.


Version 15.70

ATTENTION - CHANGE IN OPERATION: Now the TWO LEVEL CROSS and HISTOGRAM options if placed with the Volume indicator function will work as "trade zone" and "no trade zone". You can keep the previous operation by activating the "USE VOLUME AS C3" option.
TWO LEVEL CROSS (as volume) -> "Trade zone" (volume in the market) if the buffer is higher than the second level or if it is lower than the first level. "No trade zone" (market without volume) if the buffer is between the first and the second level.
HISTOGRAM (as volume) ->"Trade zone" (volume in the market) if the first buffer has a value and the second buffer is empty. "No trade zone" (market without volume) if the second buffer has some value and the first buffer is empty. 
(You can reverse the operation by placing a "-" sign before the buffer number.)

NNFX Algo Tester Panel introduced. We can now place manual entries with the NNFX Algo Tester software. You can also do a hybrid backtest, with automatic and manual entries at the same time. More information here.
The C1 SIGNAL + C2/V AGREE + E mode will include the Baseline in the test if necessary ->C1 SIGNAL + BL/C2/V AGREE + E, which means that, if a Baseline is selected in this mode, the Baseline must agree with the C1 signal for the entry to be valid. If you want to test only the C1 signal you must select the option NONE in the Baseline selection.
You can now use the Every Tick model outside the Daily Time Frame.
Options START OPERATION HOUR, LAST OPERATION HOUR, TRADING TIME and ALLOWED TRADING TIME PERIOD included allow you to choose the period of NNFX Algo Tester operation. You can use the options START OPERATION HOUR and LAST OPERATION HOUR to limit a time interval where trading is allowed. The TRADING TIME option allows you to choose how many minutes before the candle closes the entries must be placed, if you want to place the entries in the candle closing time place the value 0 (only in the Every Tick model). The ALLOWED TRADING TIME PERIOD input indicates the minutes, after the trading allowed time, when placing entries is allowed. This input is not important if you have all the 1 min data available for backtest (only in the Every Tick model).
Added safety limits for the Trailing SL (MAX TS and MIN TS).
More distinction between Demo and Pro version during optimizations.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 15.68

The NNFX Algo Tester will now produce an error only when there are fewer than 100 candles in the history before the test start date (902 error). The software will still display a warning when there are fewer than 250 candles (820).
The software will now automatically avoid the "white screen problem".
Several minor fixes. 


Version 15.67

You can now use Set files to configure the indicator inputs. You can find out more about this in the 
Indicator Configuration -> Indicators Parameters -> Inputs section.
Two options added "USE C2 AS VOLUME2" and "USE VOLUME AS C3" that allow changing the operation of C2 and VOLUME indicators. You can now have an algorithm with two confirmation indicators or two volume indicators.
The NNFX Algo Tester inputs now show in the exported report (only in EXPERT mode).
The indicators included in the software will now appear on the chart when the user clicks the "Open chart" button (the indicators must be placed in the MT4 indicator folder).
The NN ATR indicator was replaced by the Filtered ATR.
Changing the default inputs to the correct ones in the Damiani indicator.
Minor other fixes.


Version 15.62

The licenses will now be independent from the Account Name.
The final report has been improved. It is now possible to choose a simpler version with only the most necessary information (basic report).
It is now possible to automatically export the report to a CSV file.
5 more On Tester parameters have been added; customize your final report with one of 23 different values for each On Tester parameter.
Fixed bug that affected the Filtered ATR option.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


Version 15.50

Three more test modes have been added, the BL/C1 SIGNAL + BL/C1/C2/V AGREE + E, the REPAINT TEST and the WEEKEND CANDLES TEST.
The NONE option has been added to the baseline, you can now test entire algorithms (with the ALGO TEST mode) without the Baseline or the C1 indicator.
You can now use the NNFX Algo Tester outside of the main 36 Forex pairs. When it is not possible to obtain the most accurate Lots value, an approximation will be used (warning 803).
The Fisher indicator has been replaced by the Volatility Ratio indicator (the Fisher indicator is the same as the Kuskus indicator).
The MIN SL, MAX SL, MAX TP and MIN TP options will work differently from this version onwards. If an SL or TP is calculated outside the established limits then the max/min value will be used instead of the calculated one (this will produce the warning 817, 818, 819 or 820).
Errors will produce an NNFX ALGO TESTER.mq4' (1111,11) error to immediately end the backtest. You can ignore this.
Several minor fixes. 


Version 15.42

From now on, it is not necessary to place your email address and Activation Code in each test and they will be saved on your computer in the nnfx_algo_tester_credentials.csv file.
Operation change in the Braid Filter indicator included in the NNFX Algo Tester. A signal is now generated if the lines are above the MA created by the indicator.
Minor other fixes.


Version 15.41

ATTENTION: To make it easier for beginners to use the software, from this version forward, the first buffer has the value 1 instead of 0.
So the first value in the Data Window shows buffer 1, the second value is buffer 2, and so on.
An additional 18 indicators have been added to the software.
The Continuation indicator has been added.
The Custom Indicators options are now more flexible and allow the use of more indicators.
The MA is now automatically placed in visual mode in the LINE CROSS WITH MA option.
The LINE CROSS WITH MA option now allows SMMA and LWMA.
ANNUALIZED ROI and PROFIT options have been added to the ON TESTER PARAMETER list.
Other minor improvements.


Version 15.31

"FIRST ORDER RISK %" option added.
You can now use SL in BE and Trailing SL in C1 SIGNAL + C2/V AGREE + E and BASELINE SIGNAL + C1/C2/V AGREE + E test modes.
Errors and warnings are now shown in the chart.
Now is possible to exit by C1 and Exit indicator simultaneously (C1 EXIT? option).
Other minor fixes. 


Version 15.25

You can now test SGD pairs and turn off or change some of the strategy rules.
"WRONG INDICATOR PARAMETERS" error on VZO, VQZL and KUSKUS SMA indicators fixed.
Fixed bug affecting some ST entries and OCR ST entries.
Change the text color and symbols in Visual Mode.
Minor other fixes. 


Version 15.21

Option for Arrows custom indicators included.
Rex indicator included.
Fixed bug affecting some volume indicators.
The speed of optimizations has been improved (up to 2 times faster).
Warnings are now displayed at the end of each test, and it is possible to stop the test if a warning occurs.
Other minor improvements. 


Version 15.13

Exit sign did not appear in sell orders, this was corrected.
It is now possible to optimize levels and MAs.
Other minor fixes.


Version 15.11

Visual mode improved.
More detailed information about orders and entries.
Several minor fixes. 


Version 15.02

Errors now have a more detailed description.
Journal text enhanced.
Minor other fixes. 

First NNFX Algo Tester version 15.00 published on October 14, 2019.