Blueberry Markets

Why should you choose it. The full review.

You’ve probably heard of Blueberry Markets. It is a well-established broker, founded in 2016, and is already the best rated Retail Broker in Australia for its quality services, which include low commissions and full-time support.

Blueberry Markets has partnered with us to offer special terms for NNFX Algo Tester users that can’t be found anywhere else. And we are delighted to be partnering with a reputable trading broker that you can really trust.

So, Blueberry Markets is a stranger to nobody, but what makes it stand out when there are so many brokers available?
Well, there are several reasons:

Does that all look good? We think so. But what about the trading experience? Does Blueberry
Markets stand out?
Again, yes. Blueberry Markets provides everything you need in a straightforward way. They don’t clutter things up with additional services that you are unlikely to want or need, such as courses or trading signals, complicated tools or platforms that are supposedly “free” but which you end up paying for in increased fees. There are no unnecessary extras here – just everything
you need.

Here are some of the most important points:

Ready to open a account?

Blueberry Markets offers special exclusive terms to
NNFX Algo Tester Traders!

So were you interested? Wait a minute, it will get even better. You have two incentive options available that you won't find anywhere else. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Get a 20% Bonus

Get a 20% trading credit for any deposit over $500, up to a maximum of $5000.
A minimum deposit of $500 is required to receive this offer.
The bonus can be converted to cash and withdrawn after 50 lots have been traded.

Open Account

Get a 1 year Professional Subscription

Get a 1 year subscription for NNFX Algo Tester Professional as credit (228€ or equivalent in another currency).
A minimum deposit of 1000€ is required to receive this offer. The offer can be redeemed after 20 lots have been traded.

Open Account

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, these are affiliate links.
This results from the partnership between Blueberry Markets and HYPANTHIUM, LDA (us).
Using the links above will benefit us as we receive a small commission, it will benefit Blueberry Markets by sending more customers, and you will benefit you too, from the special terms we have negotiated. You might say it’s a win–win–win situation.

Yes, absolutely. But, to better adapt your algorithm to some instruments, you will have to change the NNFX Algo Tester settings:

  • Forex
    For the 28 pairs, and SGD pairs, you don't need to make any changes.
    For exotic pairs pay attention to your money management settings to adjust the risk, and change Safety Limits if necessary (ie. USDTRY, USDZAR, USDMXN, etc).

  • Cryptocurrencies
    For criptocurrencies instruments it will be necessary to adjust the Safety Limits. Pay attention to the MAX SPREAD.

  • Commodities
    For Gold, Silver you don't need to make any changes. For Oil increase the Safety Limits.

  • Indices
    For some indices and Shares, it will be necessary to adjust the Safety Limits. You can disable them if you want by putting the value 0.

Yes, you can choose which platform you prefer (MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5) when creating the trading account. The above promotions are applicable no matter which platform you choose.

Unfortunately, owing to local regulations, Blueberry Markets is not available in all countries.
The list of excluded countries is given below:

Africa Asia Oceania Europe North America Central America South America
New Zealand
United States
Trinidad and
Republic of the
Unites States
Minor Outlying
Puerto Rico
Republic of the
Central African
Republic of
Sierra Leone
North Korea
South Sudan

Note that these promotions are not available to residents of Australia owing to ASIC regulations. However, residents of Australia can still open a trading account with Blueberry Markets.

You have access to all Terms & Conditions when you open the trading account. If you would like to examine the conditions in full beforehand you can contact Blueberry Markets support, where all documentation will be provided to you. The main conditions are as follows:

  • To be eligible for this promotion, Selected Clients must not be an existing client of Blueberry Markets;
  • Open a live trading account with Blueberry Markets and make a minimum deposit;
  • Selected Client must trade a minimum of lots before the Trade Credit can be withdrawn as cash (Cash Bonus);
  • The Trade Credit may take up to 24 business hours to be added into the Selected Client’s
    Account and will appear in the credit facility of the trading platform and shall form part of the Selected Client’s Account equity;
  • The Trade Credit is non-transferable between accounts or persons and cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer.;
  • A Selected Client may choose to withdraw their Original Deposit at any time, provided their Original Deposit has not been lost in the course of their trading activity or is being used as margin;
  • It is always the Selected Client’s responsibility to ensure that the Net Equity of their Account does not fall below the Trade Credit awarded to them under this promotion.

If you have any questions about the promotions or conditions, do not hesitate to open an ticket on the Help Center.

Take advantage of this opportunity to start trading now, with Blueberry Markets!